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Ann Templeton is proud to announce her new book , Color and Beyond. Unlike her first book, The Art of Ann Templeton: A Step Beyond, which is a collector’s item; Color and Beyond is a how-to-paint book, based on her forty-year career as an acclaimed artist and teacher. However, it is also a “step beyond,” going deeper into the art of color than is possible in her workshop lectures, organizing her approach to painting an orderly set of concepts and techniques.

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Color and Beyond also includes photos of Ann painting in a step-by-step instructional way and examples of art by well-known artists that illustrate the points Ann makes in the book. It is also full of delightful quotes of artists through the centuries.

The book’s outline:


  • Why Paint?
  • How Many Paintings till I’m Good?
  • Art and the World Around Us
  • Inspiration and the Moment
  • Right and Left Brain Thinking?
  • Some Painting Terminology
  • Four Painting Styles:
    • Abstraction
    • Non-Objective
    • Abstract Expressionism
    • Impressionism
  • Studying with Art Teachers
  • The Concept of the “Three Bears” in Painting
  • Are There Rules in Painting?


  • Some Definitions
  • The Three Properties of Color
  • The Three Primary Colors and Gray
  • Pigments and Color Composition
  • Relationships to Think About
  • Color and Temperature
  • Value: dark and light
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • A Note about Black
  • Transparent vs. Opaque
  • Half-Colors
  • An Explosion of Color
  • Recession and Aggression in Color
  • Color Harmony
  • Color and Design
  • Playing Light
  • Pushing Color


  • What is Value?
  • Value and Key
  • Different Approaches to Value
  • With Which Value Should I Begin?
  • The Range of Values
  • How Do I Maintain Proper Values?
  • Holding Form with Value
  • Half Tones


  • Abstract, Non-Objective and Representational Art
  • The Emotion of Painting
  • Alla Prima and Abstraction
  • Seeking Surprise
  • Finding a Painting Style
  • Techniques of Simplification
  • The Impact of Drawing on Abstraction


  • Selecting Easels
  • Selecting Brushes
  • Selecting Canvases
  • Selecting Your Medium
  • Laying Out the Palette
  • Mixing Color
  • The Use of Turpentine
  • Protecting Paint on the Palette
  • Cleaning Brushes


  • Your Conceptual Toolbox
  • What Should I Paint?
  • Ten Things to Think About Before Painting
  • Doing the Lay-in
  • Thin to Thick
  • Scumbling
  • Glazing
  • When is the Painting Finished?
  • Applying the Signature
  • Varnishing the Finished Painting
  • Framing


  • The Business of Art
  • Competitions, Awards & Prizes
  • Art and Spirituality
  • Keep Moving

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This book is available now. Click on ORDER to find out how to order the new book! Email anntart@gmail.com or phone (575) 378-4262. If you call and miss Ann, leave a message and be sure to include your name, phone number and email so we can get back to you.


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